About Nourish

Nourish is a photo series that takes you in to the homes of people that either live, work or volunteer in Vancouver’s vibrant West End neighbourhood. They are photographed in their kitchen preparing dish that's special to them, while talking about the ways it connects them to their family and friends, personal history, and community.

“Food is one of those things that has the incredible ability to bring us together – we can share it, grow it and certainly have fun cooking it. Through the Nourish Project, you’ll see the magic that is at work when the home cook tinkers and toils with their ingredients and supplies. This is an initiative that is especially rooted on emphasizing the celebratory nature of food.”

Paul M. Taylor

Gordon Neighbourhood House’s Executive Director

“Cooking and art are two things that can be used to build community and initiate all kinds of conversation. Through the Nourish Project, we hope to use both to inspire your culinary imagination and provide you with a different lens of which to observe the West End."

Matt Schroeter

Nourish Project Lead Photographer & Gordon Neighbourhood House's Community Advisory Board Chair

At the heart of the Nourish Project is Gordon Neighbourhood House's food philosophy, which reminds us that food brings us together and can act as a vehicle for community building.

On Saturdays, Gordon Neighbourhood House will use their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts to introduce you to the Nourish Project participant being featured that week.

Gordon Neighbourhood House is still looking for people who want to participate; all you need is a bright smile and a bit of free time to let us photograph you as you tinker in your kitchen. To get involved or learn more, you can send an email to nourish@gordonhouse.org.

Gordon Neighbourhood House recognizes and promotes food as a means of connecting people: Connecting them with places, with traditions, and with each other. A specific flavour or aroma, a dish or a cooking technique can bridge generations and thousands of kilometres, and make Vancouver’s West End feel like home.

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