Chili, Assorted Fruit & Vegetables

I am a proudly elected member of the legislature for the West End and Coal Harbour. But I just say first and foremost a West Ender before politics ever entered into that. I love the arts, I love gardening, I love the outdoors. And I guess that's one of the things I love most about the West End, is that we've got an incredible community—but you can also be at the beach or in the middle of the forest in no time. And a few minutes later, an incredible restaurant or get good product somewhere else. You know, it's all right here.

Gordon Neighbourhood House recognizes and promotes food as a means of connecting people: Connecting them with places, with traditions, and with each other. A specific flavour or aroma, a dish or a cooking technique can bridge generations and thousands of kilometres, and make Vancouver’s West End feel like home.

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